About WAL

W.A.L. General and Roofing Contractors is a family owned and operated business incorporated since 1996 and based in Tampa Bay Florida.

We are a state certified general contractor and roofing contractor company in which the owner has 25 plus years in construction and roofing experience though out the state of Florida.

With Partnerships with some of the biggest brands in roofing, including the world’s premier roofing product, Duro-Last, we provide the experience, quality and dedication you will need to ensure that when the job HAS to get done, it does.


W.A.L. general/roofing contractors, inc. specializes in new and existing commercial building structures and roofing applications, maintenance, repair, and custom metal/aluminum fabrication.

Please call us to find out how W.A.L. can make your next project a success.

  1. John Farese
    Jun 12, 2013

    Hello Bill,

    John Farese here, I left a photo message about needing a couple package unit roof curbs lifted and sealed at 1886 West Bay Dr. Please contact me to visit the site (727) 423-3021. The units leaking are E-6 and E-7.

    I look forward to working with you,

    John Farese

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